I’m testing a new blog. I’m a litlle lazy for to do this regularly, but I’ll try.

Is cold in Curitiba, in the night (and early, when I left my bed) was 7 degrees (celsius), i know that is normal here this temperature in the winter/ autumn, but I was in the 30 degrees!!!! It was a thermal shock in my good humor. =o)

I was for DebConf06 ,in Oaxtepec, México. I arrived in may 10, and back em may 22. Oaxtepec is a litlle city near of Mexico City, i did not walk around there so much, only near of the hotel that we are housed. Had a church and a convent that had, more ou less, 900 years (very interesting building) and the litlle markets where I bought coca-cola and chocolate for the half price, comparing with the hotel.

I really liked of this trip. It showed to me that a need (urgently) back to my english classes, and also to lose the fear of speaking. =o)

It is very good to see people, very different people, working together, people who never had found before, only by mail or irc. Only bare-footed feet, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, everything very simple . I attended many talks and BoF’s, read, heard very interesting things. But I need of one notebook, for to follow a event like this, is really important (one item more in my list of tasks). There I could see the size of the project Debian. So many people and still only a small part of all. Yep, I felt myself as sand grain. =o)

Have so many things for tell about the days of DebConf:

  • the daytrip (gooooood food);
  • the official picture;
  • my first keysigningparty;
  • soup (ugh);
  • spicy food;
  • flavor water;
  • nice persons;
  • stranger persons;
  • dance!!;
  • flowers;
  • juice;
  • nice notebooks;
  • formal dinner (the best dinner that I already had in all my life, really);
  • hot cakes (hummm);
  • shower with timer (ok, i’m not kidding, was necessary to press the button some times during the bath) ;

See more in the next post… =o)