Many time away. Some things happened.

  • I had some days of vacations
  • I went visit my father
  • I survived to a dinner with my mother and father together (they are divorced since… ahmmm… many years)
  • My son is officialy tallest than me :o)
  • I read some books and bought others
  • I did back to the corticoid, my asthma is quiet again
  • I did a scarf for me (two, really, I started one and my friend Adriana is finishing it)
  • I saw Ocean’s Thirteen, Fantastic Four, Shrek the Third and Transformers
  • I met some friends in a cold night and had a nice time with them
  • I saw a beautiful and sad friend became more beautiful and very happy. :o)
  • I came back to English classes
  • I have a vm in my computer work
  • I have another desktop in home, but I need fix it. My son is anxious :o)
  • We had two weeks of summer in the winter, now is cold again
  • The Linuxchix Brazil Annual Meeting will take place in next september 07-08, in Brasília/DF. I’ll go. :o)

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter 5. I expected more about the thestrals and the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore. It’s nice to see Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, I like him very much. It’s a good movie, but for people that read the book it may cause a little stress. :o)

Now I want the new book, I will buy soon.