I needed to write a short bio about myself. I wrote this. Can’t use this, but I liked anyway. It’s good update from the original.


My name is Ana Carolina, but I prefer just Caroll. I was born in 77. I’m a feminist. I’m a single mother (I was 17 when my son was born). I have asthma. I’m an Atheist. I love the sea, but I’m learning to love the mountains too. I love tattoos, I have nine, but a lot more to go. I was born in Curitiba, irony, I don’t like to feel cold. I love coffee and chocolate. I love dogs. I volunteer in an animal shelter. I procrastinate. I read a lot. I’m still a big Harry Potter fan. I love cinema. I like kettlecorn. I collect penguins. I miss my grandma a lot. I love wine and beer. I enjoy cooking once in awhile. I love to drive. I’m an introvert and a high empath, somedays are harder than others. I prefer fiction. I have blue hair, but it was purple before. I’m a PMJ fan. I love bacon. I miss my friends. I hate makeup. My patronus is a white mare. I like comfy clothes. I hate writing about myself.