I’m Ana Carolina, but I prefer when people calls me Carol, I don’t use the Ana, has a lot of Ana in my family, I’m aquarius, I was born in 77, I have a blog but I’m too lazy to keep it up to date, I’ve fun with twitter and now I’m in facebook too, I’m a single mother (I was 17 when my son was born), my family is kind of crazy, really, I have asthma, I did a few walks and a maximum of a little hill, like of the scent of woods, but I need to go with gallons of insect repellant, I love the sea, not to be as escalope in the sand, I like to be in the water, the scent of the sea, to stay inside it with only my eyes out, walk on the beach at dusk, I miss the Ilha do Mel, maybe I can back there this year, a moon night in fortress, I have several extra pounds, I work at Pastoral da Criança, with PHP, PostgreSQL, use Debian, I donate blood regularly, do not give alms, yet haven’t found myself in the world, love to travel, I travel some, but if I could travel every 2 months, this could make me happier, I do not like feel cold, I was born in Curitiba by some mistake of the stork, I love sun, I love coffee too, hot, cold, black, milk, cake, candy, I have a few girlfriends, but a good number of friends, love dogs, but my apartment is too small for 3 residents, I like big dogs, I had a beautiful and cute pit bull, I procrastinate, it’s inevitable, I’m a little demanding about music, I do not buy CD/DVD pirate, or software, my son owe me a XP license for the rest of his life, I like reading, I’m a fan of Harry Potter, I just finished the Twilight saga this week, I love the manual hedonistic, I read Jane Austen, I like cinema, sometimes I prefer to go watch some movies all by my self, I love chocolate, really, I collect penguins, I have maybe 80 now, I go out with my grandmother often, I have my bear days when I don’t want to see/talk anyone, I prefer coca-cola light, I almost do not drink, but I love a good wine, I enjoy cooking once in awhile, I hate sexism, I drive well and I love to do it, I’m a very anxious creature, I’m totally embarrassed when I don’t know someone, I’m not write often, but sometimes I do some text like this, as if I couldn’t do a beginning, middle or end.