I think that birthdays are kind of meh. Nothing compared to when I was a kid, that they’re amazing! Party, family, friends, gifts and cake guaranteed for the entire week. But turning forty is something like a milestone, right?!

Not because of that old saying that life begins at forty, but because it’s another decade that I’m here, joyful and lively, on Earth.

memories are forever

In 2006 I lost a close friend I had known since I was a kid. We studied together and then we grew up together. We lived on the same street, we shared experiences, laughter and friends. His family was normal compared to mine, and as a bonus I had three brothers and a dog. He was the oldest of the three boys and would also turn 40 this year. He was killed in a robbery in January 2006.

Every year that passes, I think it’s one more year without him and I wonder what he would be doing if he was still here, what would be his appearance and I even imagine that he would be very anxious to see in the cinema the new version of Power Rangers!

And in those dark days that eventually happen,  I think that at least I’m living here and I feel it’s kinda my duty to live my life and enjoy every ray of sunshine, every wind blowing, every new landscape that I have the privilege to see, because he is not here to do these things.

This year also had a lump in the throat extra: first time I have a birthday without my grandma around. The feeling is very strange, like a little piece of the puzzle that has been lost and never will be back back.

me and my grandma
me and my grandma


I even thought: ugh! 40 years already! But then I remembered that not everyone I loved came so far, so I swallowed the mimimi, put on my Wonder Woman clothes and got ready for another year.

Me and my sister
me and my little sister

“To deny your age is to deny you’ve survived.”  – Nikki Giovani

p.s.: The card was gift from my friend Carol, and of course, I loved it! 😀