Do you know when we save some nice images in mind and it follow us for days??? I like that… close my eyes and see again and again… is like to have my own Youtube… =o) but much better! I can remember the smell, taste, colours, texture, sounds and all others details of the moment. So, sometimes I run away of the world for seconds, watch my movie and back, fresh… =o)

well, go ahead… * Next sunday will be the birthday of my son, 12 years old!!! He is looking for the perfect gift. =o) * Last sunday I went to the theater attend Multigargalhadas. I liked very much and laughed a lot… is a Stand Up Comedy, it is recent here and very, very funny. =o) So, I visited the site of the Danilo (one of them), is cool and he answer the coments that we do in the blog! * My cousin married in last Setember 16. Is so nice to see somebody that I love so happy…Cheers!!! * I really like of SVN, I spend a little more time saving the files but all things works in the end! o/ * Priceless: a lick of the little dog that is happy for to see me. =o)

  • My internet sucks! =o/

p.s.: My friend, Rodrigo, is looking for a new girlfriend. I said that I could announce for free. =o) Proposals please at… I hope that it works…hehehe.