Curitiba will participate of the FLISOL 2007 and you? =o)

FLISOL (Latin American Software Libre Install Festival) is the largest Software Libre promoting event in Latin America. Since 2005, FLISOL promotes the use of software libre, making known its philosophy, its possibilities and developments to the general public. To achieve this, several local communities (in each country, in each city) will hold simultaneous events, where local technical experts will install software libre in the computers brought for this purpose. This will be done in an entirely legal manner and the service will be provided free of charge. At the same time, there will be talks, conferences and workshops about local, national and Latin American topics around software libre in all kind of expressions: artistic, academic, business and social aspects. If your country or town is not yet present and you are interested in coordinating the event there, please, take a look at this info. FLISOL 2007 will be held on Saturday, April 28.