Ok, ok, I know, was just my first FISL, but I really liked, very much. I was with some friends, they are great! I laugh a lot and met other friends there and others that I never had found personally before. Was a big event, more than five thousand people. Many talks, user groups, projects and news (OLPC and Classmate are cool).

The food was bad there, but we took our food, chocolate, coke, water and cookies (friends: thanks for all chocolate, coffee, water, candies that kept us alive!!!). Thank you so much to expositors that have money and had coffee machines!!! They saved lifes. Today I miss that coffee yet, so good and hot.

Was cold there, sometimes, so much cold (brrr), but I think that was because had too much penguins there. =o)

I was in the Debian place, that was really great, the t-shirts are beautiful, we did work hard, did talk with many people, had some problems, is true, but I think that we did the best possible at the moment. We had an excellent leader and a great team. I’m so proud. ;o)