The winter arrived… jaquet, gloves, blouses… I’ll not complain. I really prefer the summer, with hot days, nice wind and wonderful nights covered with stars. Today is a very beautiful day, sunny, blue sky… I still want to be a bear in the winter and sleep for all season, but I can’t… so, I’ll enjoy the winter this time… and smiling. =o)

I’ll join in the comunnity “I love Google”.. =o) I already use gmail, reader, translator, calendar, documents, news, etc., and like very much. Today I fought with a webmail that sucks… I use iceweasel and nothing was working… and no, NO, I don’t use IE, if the website don’t works for my web browser, don’t serve for me… hehehe… but I didn’t want put that account in my mail client… hummm… gmail can to do it for me… hummm… and did! Now, my mail for blood stuff works in my gmail.

I need to find a gift for my mother, she’ll move to new house in next Saturday, I need something like “home, sweet home”.

It’s cold. Very cold. I’m tired. I’ll go home.