Happy new year!! That 2007 can be a great year! =oD

Some things… * After a few days of vacations, today I did back to work. * I did today (yes, I woke up early) the register of my son in his new school. * Today is a gray day (again), it’s raining since last week. =o/ * I was in the beach, only 3 days, was hot, raining, but nice. Sea and sand make me happy, with sun or rain, it’s always good. =o) * I’m very happy because now I have my book autographed!!! o/ * I did not get fat in the vacations… Aeeee! o/ * I need to take care of my sleep, to come back to the normal schedule (is not easy, I know). * I’m updating my new diary (tasks, phones, notes, birthdays). * I have new t-shirts!! Thanks, Aris!!!

… that I can remember. =o)